Google Play Publishing

Google Play Publishing

Android applications, recommendations published to Google Play for clients outside China, the domestic market can be released at their own choice.

How to Get an App Listed in Google Play

I. Prerequisites

• A paid Google play developer account,if you don’t have one,, Google Paly account application will generally be relatively smooth, 1-2 days to pass.

**Note:**1.Account registration requires 25 dollars;2.Need to support visa credit card

• Hardened Android installation package (please contact Tuya staff to harden the installation package)

• 4-5 App market preview pictures (Android phone screenshots)

• One 512*512 App logo

• One 1024*500 App market preview picture

II. Create an App

1.Login in Google Play Console using a registered Google Play developer account

2.After successful login, click Publish Android Apps in Google Play

3.Select the default language for the App, fill in the name of the App, and click Create.

III. Enter App Info

the left-hand navigation bar, select Product Details , fill in the App Intro, including short description, full description, and other info.

2.Upload App market preview picture

• Upload screenshots to the MOBILE PHONE tab : select 3-4 screenshots that demonstrate the app in use

• In the High resolution icon, upload a high resolution (512*512) icon/logo in png or JPEG format

• In the map , upload promotional picture. This must be 1024*500, no alpha channel, JPEG format recommended.


3.App type

Application type: Select “Application”

Category: Select “Tools”

Content Rating: This field must be completed after uploading the App installation package (see following steps for explanation)

4.Contact information

Website: It could be your official website, or your technical support website.

Email address: we recommend using an email address for public; this address will be displayed in Google Play.

5.Privacy Policy Website

This website must be provided, otherwise the App will not be listed. The address of your official website is acceptable.

6.Add translations

If the App should be listed in different countries, adding preview information in different languages will be necessary. To do this,click Management translationat the right, and select the languages you wish to add, then modify the App information to reflect these changes.

IV. Upload App Installation Package

Select App releases in the left hand navigation bar

1.Click MANAGE




5.Click BROWSE FILES. Please upload a hardened APK package.

6.Complete a brief intro to the App’s functionality, make sure to fill in the Notes field. After completing,click Save,then click REVIEW

V. Content Rating

Select Content rating in the left hand navigation bar CONTINUE

2.Provide an email address for receiving the App’s “Rating Certificate”

3.Select the UTILITY,PRODUCTIVIYTY,COMMUNICATINON,OR OTHER category of questionnaires

4.Choose NO for all items. After it is completed, click SAVE QUESTIONNAIRE




7.After the content rating has been determined,a content rating certificate will be sent to the email address you entered earlier.

VI. Set Price and Scope of Listing

Select “Set Price and Scope of Listing” in the left hand navigation bar

1.Select area(s) for listing – you can select “List in All Areas”

2.Choose No for the questions marked with asterisks (*)

VII. Apply Listing

1.After all the steps above have been completed, click the App releases, then click ESIT RELEASE澳门金沙总站

2.Check the Official Version

3.Click REVIEW at the right bottom

4.Click START ROLLOUT TO PRODUCTION at the right bottom, to browse the App information

4.Officially publish App

After official listing, Google Play will perform some testing on the App, which normally takes about one day. If the App passes all the tests, it will automatically be listed.

If you run into any difficulty during the App listing process, feel free to contact Tuya staff for help at any time.

Thanks for reading this guide.

**Note:**The above information are for secondary consolidation, non real-time update, if you want to get the latest information, recommended to the official website.