OEM App Build Platform

OEM App Build Platform

One、Platform Login Process

1、Login Tuya IoT Platform https://iot.tuya.com ,enter into login page, you could log in directly if you have an existing account; If there is no account, please register first and then log in.

Two、Order OEM App And Complete App Information

1、OEM App Service Order

1.1 After logging in, please select the OEM APP service on the product page, and click Create button.


1.2 Enter into service order page, click Buy Nowand complete the payment, then start to complete your OEM App information

2、Complete App Information

  • App Name:It is recommended to input the length in 6 Chinese characters or 12 English letters as the App name which displayed on the mobile phone desk.

  • App package name:As the unique identifier of the App, it is not allowed to be duplicated. It is recommended that each segment be controlled within 3-20 letters and only lower case letters are supported.

Three、App Configuration

1.1 Personalized feature configuration, it determines the appearance of your App: including App icon, App startup page、App color theme.

  • App icon:It only supports png format, the size should be greater than or equal to 1024*1024px;

  • App startup page:It only supports png format, you can choose to click once to upload (1242*2436px), or upload separately in a single size.

  • App color theme: Including App title background color setting, the title font color, the bottom navigation background color, the bottom navigation font color, prompt background color, prompt font color; and there are 21 preset color schemes for your quick selection,and also support custom colors setting.


**After confirming the App personalized custom effect, click Nextto enter the App function configuration page. **

2.Basic Function Configuration

  • Map positioning:Click Get SHA1 to get App related value, and check “help”, then you could configure the Map Key according to the operation guidance manual, and obtain the corresponding key and fill it into the box. (Mandatory item)

  • Sign in/sign up background:jpg, png, jpeg; Picture size: 1080*1920px (Recommended to get a replacement)

  • Sign in/sign up logo: Support format: png, size:400*400px


  • Privacy Policy/Service Agreement

Please download the Chinese and English templates of privacy policy and service agreement which provided on the page then to modify them based on your own App relevant information at the corresponding labeling location, and then saved and uploaded back to the page.

3.1. List Settings for Devices on Network Distribution

If you choose to configure the standard category, you will use Tuya’s general distribution network logic; If the product has its own distribution method, please select Custom category to configure the corresponding distribution mode for each product.

4.1. More Settings

There are “Multi-language settings” 、“Expansion settings”、“Third-party support” in this section.

  • “Multi-language settings” Multi-language setting can be configured for part of the App language.

  • “Third-party support” It includes the configuration of third-party login and third-party voice speaker which

Can be selected as needed.

  • “Expansion settings”

Copyright information:You can add the copyright information of the app in the Profile - Settings - About at the bottom of the page.

FAQ:You could decide whether you will expose the FAQ part in the profile page in app. If you want to modify it, Please download the template and after modifying please submit it to tuya staff for revision.

About us:Please enter the link for About us starting with https:// or http://.

Gesture password:You can configure whether to enable the app’s gesture password function. If enabled, the user of the app can use the gesture password to lock/unlock the app, which improves the security.

Upload an empty list page: You can configure the bottom picture when all the lists in the app are empty.

Forth、The Status Bar

The configuration status bar is displayed on the right side during the configuration process. It mainly supports App name modification and certificate configuration.

  • App Name:Support for modifying the App name. After modification, it needs to be rebuilt to take effect.

  • Certificate configuration: If the application needs to be published to the application market, you need to upload the relevant certificate here. To create the certificate, you need to register the developer account first. Please refer to the corresponding application help document for details. If the certificate is not uploaded, you can only build the test version.



1、Click build now after configuration, the status will display as ‘building’ and it will take 1-2 working days to build the App.

2、After the construction succeeds, you can scan to download and test your branded App. If there is no problem for the test App, please follow the instructions below to upload it to the major application markets.

3、If the build fails, please click Return to modification the App relavant information or click to Contact customer service to view the reason for failure.