Development of App Control Interface

Select the template of App interface in the process of product creation, you can edit and configure it. Each template supports a different configuration, read the introduction to the templates, or just scan the QR code to view the effect of each template on your mobile phone (Please use Tuya Smart App to scan the QR code), to determine whether the template agrees with your products.


If you want to try some App else, click “Change template”, and other supported interface templates of the same type will be displayed. Click “Confirm” and scan the QR code to view the effect.


We provide the following interface templates:

  • Free configurable template
  • Customizable class template
  • Developer template

Free configurable template

Free configurable template: this template allows you to configure the App interface freely. Each function has various shape components, icons, backgrounds. You can draw all of them to sort them, and you can change the style of interfaces just by clicking your mouse.

When the free configurable template is selected, click “Edit template configuration”, and the interface configuration page will be displayed.


How to use the free configurable template

When you configure the free configurable template, you can configure a component of a shape for each function of your product. Currently, there are big module, medium module and small module available, and the system will adapt the module according to the function type automatically, and each function type has unique way to transmit and receive the commands.

  • Background selection: affect the overall tone of the App interfaces.
  • Setting of switch function point (optional): bool type function point can be used as the switch. After the switch function point is set, it will become the main switch and be placed in the lower part of the interface.
  • Style setting of function points and sorting: you can customize the styles of function points and sorting. Currently, there are three styles of function points that are available, including big module, medium module and small module.
  • Big module: supporting to change the background image and icon.
  • Medium module: supporting to change the icons.
  • Small module: supporting to change the icons.

When you want to modify the free configurable interface, please click “Save” first, and then modify the interface, and finally scan the 2-D barcodes to preview the effect after the modification.

Customizable class template

Each App class is provided with a unique class template, and this class template is customizable according to the configuration of the standard functions (Enabled or Disabled), which can influence the presented functions of the App interface.


Please read the introduction to the templates when you make your choice, and scan the 2D barcodes to see the effect, to select the interface templates that agrees with your product. If there is any function that is not realized, please check the template or change with a new one.

Developer template

This template allows you to view the communication log. Click Function Navigation - Networked Device Debugging on the upper left corner of the page, and the following page will be displayed. Open your Tuya Smart App and scan the 2D barcodes to turn to the virtual panel.


On the virtual panel page, you can view the communication log. If your product is still in the commissioning phase, you can test them with the developer template. The developer template supports displaying all the functions of your product and all the function types. But it is not recommended to release this interface to the users.


How to set function copywriting

Click Product Development – Product Creation Step 4 – Extension Functions - Language Management, and you can manage and set the languages of product info, product function points and product non-function points.


When the functions of a product are created, click Language Management - Product Function Point, to generate the key values of the corresponding languages automatically according to the code values of the functions, where you can set the function copywriting displayed on the App panel in different languages.

Moreover, the copywriting other than that of the function points can be set in “Language of Non-Function Point”.

Currently, only Chinese and English versions are available. If you need other languages, please contact us.